Danby Moors (Grouse)

The 2016 season at Danby was similar to the previous year but the Low Moor showed a significant improvement following the heather beetle attack in 2014.  The High Moor, however,  continued to perform exceptionally well, and Glaisdale Moor achieved a record bag of 967 brace.  In all the bags across both moors was 2,336 brace.

It is too soon to forecast the bird numbers in 2017, but a good stock of birds has been left for the season which are in good health and the Low Moor continues to recover.  Recent (June) inspections are also very encouraging.

Peter Snaith (Head Keeper) and his team have continued to develop the moor, creating or changing two drives and making use of some of the steeper contours on the edges of the moor.

Wykeham Shoot (Partridge and Pheasant)

The 2016 season produced some stunning birds with sufficient birds to provide good bags throughout the season.  It has also been a good year for the partridge which have developed well through the summer and provided the guns with challenging and strong flying birds.  Several drives produce an unexpected mix of partridge and pheasant throughout the season.

Several new drives have been developed at Wykeham;  “Castle Head”, “Big Dam” and the “Larches” are particularly outstanding as is the signature drive, “The Spinney” which seems to catch out even the best guns.

Bookings continue to be taken for the 2017 season, but there are not many days left.


Both the Danby and Wykeham shoots have become renowned for their friendly welcome from the host and keepers.  Catering continues to be of a high standard with a reliance on local Yorkshire produce – beef and hams from Glaves, the butchers in neighbouring Brompton-by-Sawdon.  The lunch venues are constantly being upgraded, but retaining their existing character, whether it be a simple remote stone lunch hut on the Danby moors or the “Old Kitchen” at Wykeham.

Prices (2017)

Partridge, 200 birds, £7,200 (inclusive)

Pheasant (Traditional), 200 birds, £7,800 (inclusive)

Pheasant (High Bird), 250 birds, £11,250 (inclusive)