Grouse Shooting on Danby Moors, near Whitby

Danby Moor

Danby Moor

Danby Moor is a magnificent three-day grouse moor of over 10,500 acres situated at the upper end of the Esk valley which runs east/west to the ancient whaling port of Whitby.

The Moor is divided into two, the High and Low Moors, and the views over the surrounding heather moors are dramatic with steep valleys breaking up the moorland plateau and in the distance the coast and the North Sea beyond.

The Moor is butted (the majority stone butts) for up to nine guns and there are three lunch huts which are located strategically on the Moor. Driven grouse shooting takes place between the end of August through to the beginning of November

The shooting commences in the last week of August, with two days per week of 100 to 150 brace through to the end of September, and 100 brace days during October, dependant on the breeding success of the birds.

The cost of the day varies according to the time of the year. Prices are inclusive of VAT and hospitality.

It is recognised that each team of gun’s requirements are different and every effort is made to put together a day or days of shooting to suit the needs of the guns.

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